From Whence He Came

Star Trek Online‘s long-awaited (and much Tribble-tested!) Season 5 has just been released to the live servers — and this Christmas, instead of getting an itch to play EVE Online, I decided I’d return to my lifetime sub and see what’s up.

Of course, this means starting a new character! I’ll have a bio for the newly-christened MacKenzie Mallon up shortly, but meanwhile — a few returning thoughts!

  • Just read the update’s information page! There’s pretty much everything there!
  • The Duty Officer system has been released! yyyyyyaaaaayyyyyyy!
  • The Veteran Rewards have been a tweaked just a little, which I’m absolutely fine with that. Well, I think too many costume slots are rewarded, and not enough ship slots — but hey! The 5% skill boost received at the 400 day mark doesn’t cease at Lieutenant Commander 6, but stays with your character all the way. I know that STO is fantastically easy to level up in, but I’ve never hit the level cap — every little extra bit is going to help.
  • Space skills have been completely overhauled — gone are the weapon- and ship-type specializations. That means I can fly any type of ship I want, with any weapons I want, and I don’t need to worry about being sub-optimally specced. Which is awesome, and means I want every ship, ever. (Hence my sadness of not having more ship slots.) On the other hand, the majority of Engineering space skills are “must have,” while Science space skills seems a little too ability-specific to be of much utility.
  • I apparently have a Photonic Bridge officer now? I guess my brother did subscribe! This 1) makes me immensely happy, and 2) goes a long way toward ensuring my bridge crew keeps some semblance of balance between the genders.
  • “Auto-fire, non-combat cancels” is still broken — entering combat requires you either fire a non-autofire weapon, or that you be attacked first. It’s really annoying.
  • My audio has been popping something fierce, but a quick scan of the forums reveals  that this is a widespread problem, and a hotfix will be deployed next week.
  • I’m bummed that the lower-level version of the Nebula-class is now a C-Store item. I’ll buy it, because the Nebula is my pretty much my all-time favorite Star Trek vessel, but still — if only I had leveled up my earlier characters a little further and purchased the the refit Nebula a few months back, I’d have been grandfathered into having an un-refit Nebula for free.
  • Last but not least — if you have a lifetime sub that you’re ignoring, you should log back into STO sometime this month. Apparently some sort of winter festivities are starting next week, but even better: the TOS Constitution-class (240 C) and the Klingon Qorgh Raptor-refit (800 C) are both completely free, all December!

2 thoughts on “From Whence He Came

  1. rowan

    Hey hey! Is this AyAitch? Missed you bud. I’d consider STO again, but my new bride and I deep in to RIft and eagerly awaiting SWTOR. Maybe if I’d gotten the lifetime way back when. But alas, not enough time in the week for another subbed MMO.:\ Anyway, good to see you up a running again, in whatever guise.

    1. Nebel Post author

      Yep, this is the one and only!

      No worries! I’ve thought about playing Rift, but with so many other games on my plate — I did buy a lifer for STO, TOR is almost out, so many good F2Ps these days… — that I just can’t justify it.

      I know that playing games with family members is a big deal, though — that sounds like lots of fun! And you’re recently married? Congratulations, man! Marriage is awesome, though I can’t convince my wife to play any MMOs with me. D:


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