TOR: Things I’ve Learned

Things I’ve learned in my first week of playing TOR:

— You don’t need a modification center to modify weapons. Ctrl+Right Click on that orange item, and you can mod it wherever you are.

— The crafting station on your ship doesn’t actually do anything. This is a little unfortunate; I had wanted to craft on my ship, quickly cranking out mods and gear, but apparently I have to leave everything in the (in)capable hands of my companions.

— In a pinch, the crafting droid that comes with your ship can be used as a combat healer. Having tried it out with C2-N2, I can tell you that the crafting droid can’t be equipped with weapons–but he has a pretty mean heal, and the droid component I’m crafting with cybertech fit him out pretty well. It’s up to you to decide whether the extra healing with make up for the reduction in damage output.

— The “levels” appearing beside crafting missions are really just suggestions. Your character’s actual level doesn’t affect what tier of crew missions your companions can run; new tiers are unlocked as you increase a crew skill’s level. In my experience, it seems that the second tier of crafting missions opens up around crew skill level sixty.

— Unlockable crafting missions acquired through slicing and investigation are really, really good. They appear to innately provide more than one type of reward — in the case of slicing, an unlocked mission might net you a lockbox and a companion gift, if not four or five different items. Furthermore, it seems that the mission is permanently unlocked — but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be available, just that it’s now included in the pool of possibly available missions.

— In space combat, the space bar does a barrel roll. I have absolutely no idea why this is useful, though I have tried to pull off a Darklighter spin.

— Equipping even rudimentary ship gear makes space combat much easier.

— Many, many missions have optional “bonus” killing quests. If the bonus quest is prefaced with a “stage” — “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, “Final Stage” — it means that the bonus quest has more than one part (no, duh?). However, after completing the final escalation of a multi-stage bonus quest, the bonus quest breaks off and makes a new fulfillable quest; this is usually completed by dropping off an item recovered from an elite enemy. These bonus quests reward bunches of experience (not that experience is hard to come by) — but they also reward three commendation medals, which can come in really handy. However, if you turn in the mother quest before completing the final stage of a bonus quest, the bonus quest disappears.

— In the codex, the planet entry of any given world has a breakdown of the types of codex entries on each world, and how many you still have to recover. It’s nice knowing that you still have two bestiary unlocks, versus a title that is still outstanding.

— In that same vein, it seems that some of the codex entries are bugged. I’ve had problems with both my Imperial Agent and my Smuggler.

— However, when the codex is working, Bioware has done a fantastic job making sure that the codex is tailored to each class. This means that every character should ostensibly be able to achieve one-hundred percent completion — when a class doesn’t have access to certain codex entries it just doesn’t show up, and some classes acquire entries in different ways in other ways. (Take that, Tome of Knowledge!) Furthermore, in my experience there are no missable codex entries in areas that can’t be returned to, i.e. in class story quests. I have seen a codex entry in a phased Heroic quest — but that can be repeated daily, and at any level.

— Emergency Fleet Passes are awesome, and every character has a free one on an 18-hour cooldown.

— Scoundrel Smugglers are the best, no take backs. Healing + shotguns to enemies’ backs? Yes please!


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