Republican Values

I’ll be frank: I have never really been a fan of Romulans. I already like one militarized, duplicitous race of alien imperialists, and they paint their ships ochre. In fact, all I’ve truly ever wanted out of Star Trek Online was the ability to play a Cardassian — not an alien-gen, but a Species: Cardassian officer who was committed to rebuilding the Cardassian Union as a force for good in the galaxy.

So I’m quite surprised at how excited I’m for STO‘s first expansion pack, Legacy of Romulus — especially given that it is completely focused on a race that I’m “not that into.” And heck, that’s growing less true by the day; I think I’m going to watch some of the more Romulan-centric episodes of the various series through Amazon Prime. I seem to remember GeeCee pumping herself up for STO in a similar way, so maybe it’s a time-honored tradition?

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I’ll be playing as a loyalist of the Romulan Republic. In essence, it’s the “reform” or “restoration” story that I wanted for my Cardassian: in the wake of an unmitigated disaster, attempting to create a more representative body politic against the militant opposition of the old order. But in this case, I’ll have pointy ears instead of a sinewy neck. That motivation speaks to me far more than the STO‘s Klingon “we need to fight because that’s what we do, and also honor.” And it makes the duty officer missions I run that much more significant, ya know? I’m not simply sending my astrometric lab technician to a conference; I’m proving that the Romulan people will once again be a leading power in the galaxy.

Now the only question is: pure Romulan, Reman, or Liberated Borg Romulan? Honestly, I’m leaning toward the first choice, though I’m strangely drawn to that female Reman character design…


2 thoughts on “Republican Values

  1. HarbingerZero

    Me too. And the awesome shades of purple and promise of leather trimmed uniforms. Oddly enough this backs me away from the Legacy Starter Pack, which I had intended to buy because I love the T’Varo. But instead I may just buy the T’Varo and the Reman species unlock, which will probably come out about the same.

    I had intended to get to level 5 on the faction rating to get it for free…but that’s way more grinding than I thought…

    1. Adventurer Historian Post author

      I’m with you on those uniforms! I don’t even like purple, but those Reman uniforms are classy. Also, I really, really, really like the design aesthetic for the Romulan outfits: they look warm, practical, and a little “hard luck” — i.e. very “militia”, just the way they were designed to.

      I love the idea of, in principle, unlocking the Reman species through hard work. But given my busy life, it’s hard for me to justify the time commitment when I can easily shortcut the process for a 6 dollar investment. That, and as a lifetime member who went away for a very long time, I’m sitting on an absolutely massive pile of zen.

      That said, I do wish that the Starter pack came with the Reman species — otherwise, it would be a nobrainer purchase. It goes without saying that if I had infinite money, I’d love to get the Legacy pack. However, the Liberated Borg bridge officer for all accounts make a compelling argument for either pack; I don’t want to have to buy that guy for each of my characters.


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