Blogging Update

I’ve been back blogging for a few weeks now, so I thought it was worth doing a short “assessment” post of how things have gone.

Counting this post, I’ve had nine posts in the past two and a half weeks; before that, my most recent post was 14 months ago. Given that there are only twenty one posts on this blog, that’s quite a prodigious output. It also means that I’ve been posting roughly every other day, which is pretty speedy!

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that my uptick in posting has also seen a sharp uptick in visitors. However, this is a “sharp uptick” over a very, very small amount, so the actual numbers are quite modest and not worth mentioning.

I’ve slowly been reaching out to all of my old blogging friends, and a few new ones. It seems that much of “the old crew” is still around, but either with very limited posting, or they’ve gone on to other games. At least it looks like Blue Kae and Harbinger Zero will be in STO! In that vein, I was able to renew my membership in the Federation News Service fleet — once I get promoted above the rank of intern, I can start contributing to fleet projects!

My brother is looking to get back into STO, so we’ve talked about each purchasing the Steam starter pack and flying around in Steamrunner-class vessels, one of his favorite ships. There are also ROMULANS on the very near horizon.

Also, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness and thought it was great.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Update

  1. HarbingerZero

    I was supposed to see the movie Sunday night, but it didn’t work out.

    I have never found the Federation News Service listed in the game. I’ve tried countless times with any number of spellings and always failed. That’s not there fault, the search mechanism is clearly broken, as I can attest to personally. But I’ve tried so hard and so often, I just assumed it was defunct!


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