Legacy of Romulus, i.e. Talking Myself Down From Buyer’s Remorse

This deal is getting better all the time.
– Not Lando Calrissian

In a fit of madness, I purchased LoR’s Legacy Pack. I… don’t completely know why I did. I convinced myself that I was going to get the Remans (so 600 Zen, or $6), and the Starter Pack ($20). And then there was some sort of mental gymnastics in which I said, “well, I’m already going to spend $26, and $99 isn’t that much more!”

This is why my wife runs the budget of the household.

Regardless, I’ve really not been feeling much buyer’s remorse, mostly because I’ve deluded myself into thinking that I’m going to maximize every drop of play out of these half dozen plus ships. (“And a Special Reman Duty Officer Mini-Pack! Oh man!”)

Anyways, today STO’s devblog announced two separate updates concerning the Romulan ship line, both of which make the Legacy pack a better deal. First, the Legacy pack now comes with the Haakona Advanced Warbird, as well as the TOS Romulan uniform costume pack. I hadn’t originally been sold on the Haakona, both intellectually or actually (ha, see what I did there?) — but the new pictures, plus the “vector mode”, make it much more interesting. While a ship that is actually shaped like a warbird is a little silly…

… it’s also completely awesome, shut up. And while I think the TOS uniforms are terribly gaudy, at least I now own them.

Secondly, the consoles that come with the Refit and Retrofit versions of the same ship can be combined for a passive set bonus. This makes my purchase of all Romulan C-Store ships a more comprehensive purchase, too. Especially that turn rate bonus for the D’deridex…


2 thoughts on “Legacy of Romulus, i.e. Talking Myself Down From Buyer’s Remorse

  1. HarbingerZero

    If it makes you feel better….if you run the math on the values of the Legacy pack, using existing cost for refit and retrofit ships…its pretty clear that the Reman race is going to cost way more than 600 Zen. Depending on what rate they give on the Master Keys included, somewhere between 1000-1500 Zen.

    1. Adventurer Historian Post author

      Well, the Reman racial bonuses are also completely absurd, challenging the revamped Klingons for complete ground domination:

      +20 Perception
      +1.5% Expose Chance
      +1 second Expose Duration
      +10% Exploit Damage
      +25% Resistance to Flanking Damage
      +5 Resistance Rating to Energy and Physical damage

      But I suspect you’re right — the species unlock for the Remans also comes with uniforms options and unique ship materials. I’m always a sucker for the latter, ya know.


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