3 thoughts on “Got the Lobes For Business

  1. HarbingerZero

    Eh…I think the Galor’s go for about 50 mil. (-: Best way to get one – use some of that stockpiled stipend, buy 10 packs of the Master Keys and sell them for 1.5m each. Hold firm on that number. They won’t sell immediately, but they will sell. Three ten-packs will net you 45 million, and you can probably earn the rest from there. I just do Tour the Universe ever so often to keep about 3 million in reserve.

    1. Adventurer Historian Post author

      Glad to learn what the accepted going rate for keys are. I know that the Legacy pack comes with 20 keys, so there’s a nice pack for me to sell if I so choose. I’ve heard that the rarest ships have a .4% drop rate, meaning its a trade off between certainly get a ship at a certain EC level, or risking burning through all my keys for a cheaper payout.

      Also, 50 million you say? I’ll have to redouble my looking efforts; I had only seen them listed for 100 million+.

      1. HarbingerZero

        The market has been in pretty wild flux since the Legacy announcement, so they could well be up to 100m right now.

        I always wanted a Tuffli, but while I’m more than happy to throw $35-50 at WoT for a new tank, I am, for some unknown reason, hesitant to do the same for STO.

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